On Colors: My Experience Explained

How to Choose the Best Color for your Website

One of the significant element in an effective web design is color. Color has the power to affect the emotional state of the internet user.

Color has a captivating ability whereby, internet users are persuaded or lured into visiting a particular web page and end up exploring the entire site. With the use of appropriate color, you can easily make a first-time positive impression on your target group.

It is quite a task to select and mix different colors and endow your website with a unified and classified look. It is of importance that you ensure that the color scheme that you select for your site is in line with the objective of the site and matches the preference of your target audience.

A professional web designer is the only person who is capable of handling this task for you. It is their duty to ensure that they select a color scheme that stimulates the emotions of your target audience and lures them into probing your site.

There are numerous methods that you can use in choosing the most suitable color scheme for a website. Here are some ways on how you can go about choosing the right color scheme to employ on your web design.

Select the message you want to pass
It is always important that you identify the purpose or message of your site. It is possible that you come up with an enticing single sentence message that defines the goal or message of your site.

Identify the Emotion
Once you have created the message that you want to convey, use that single-sentence message to determine the primary emotion that will push the message. For instance, you can select a message like, “I have an impressive portfolio”; this is driven by confidence. Orange can be selected as a color scheme in this instance for it portrays an instance of success, warmth, confidence, and courage, and friendliness.

Know your Target Audience
It is always important that you put your target audience in the forefront whenever you are selecting your website’s color scheme. Do not take your personal preferences into consideration when selecting the color scheme. The target audience should be identified first before choosing a combination of colors for your website.

View it from the Target Audience’s Angle
View your website at an angle similar to that of your target audience and choose a color scheme that can match with your site’s emotions. Always ensure that the colors that you select precisely expresses the message that you want to give to your target audience.

Make use of the Color Wheel
To ascertain that the selected colors blend well, the color wheel is a handy tool Use combination colors opposite if each other on the color wheel. When too many colors are applied on a row, the eye gets perplexed, and dissonance is created. With dissonance, the site becomes disorderly, and often the customer will feel unconvinced about the message on the site.